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Life Management Institute (LMI)
Help For Your Child
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Harris County-TRIAD Prevention Program

The Chimney Rock Center (CRC) is a 24-hour intake center for youth, ages 10 to 16, who are picked up for status offenses such as runaway, truancy and curfew or Class C Misdemeanors (theft, assault, disorderly conduct or public intoxication) and those who are in need of supervision.

 (These offenses are classified by Juvenile Probation as Progressive Sanction Level I cases.   If a child repeatedly commits offenses, Progressive Sanction guidelines recommend increased penalties and supervision.)  At CRC, services include screening and assessment, crisis intervention, counseling, emergency shelter, referrals and follow-up. The Juvenile Probation Department, Harris County Children's Protective Services (CPS) and the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority (MHMRA) are partners in the TRIAD Prevention Program with the TRIAD executive director reporting to CPS. In 2002, 3,373 juveniles who had run away, broken curfew, skipped school or committed Class C misdemeanors such as alcohol violation received services at CRC and another 2,055 juveniles were assisted by the probation staff.  Many parents consult the TRIAD staff to find ways to prevent their child from breaking the law.

 In addition to Intake services, the TRIAD Prevention Program operates the Choices Program of Harris County.  This is a multi-agency program devoted to serving those youth that have just entered the juvenile justice system for the first time, or are at risk of becoming involved. 

The Triad Prevention Program coordinates STAR services (i.e., services for at-risk youth), which is funded through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Also, the program houses case managers who serve as liaisons in the Justice of the Peace courts, runs the Saturday Truancy Learning Camp program and staff an intensive home-based case management program for youth with mental health issues.